Episode 8: Spring Breakers (2012)

We’ve got the history of spring break. We’ve got race and privilege dynamics. We’ve got the American dream and the twistiness of metafictional storytelling. We’ve got shorts, of every color. We’ve got Scarface on repeat. Scarface, on repeat. LOOK AT ALL OUR SHIT, in this very special episode that discusses the psychedelic fever dream that is Spring Breakers.

Episode 7: The Purge (2013)

The Purge is the second film in our America-themed movies for July! Directed by James DeMonaco, this 2013 horror flick gives us the framework to talk about wealth inequality in the US, gun control analogies, the emptiness of “supporting the troops,” flower symbolism, the distressing nature of the Emergency Broadcast System, and our personal obsession with dystopian/philosophical storytelling.

Episode 6: George Washington (2000)

In July, our movies are centered around AMERICA! What better way to start than George Washington (2000) by David Gordon Green, a Malick-ian inspired poetic drama, which is part of the Criterion Collection. We talk about the dynamics of race, economics, and youth of rural South Carolina at the turn of the millennia. Plus: the symbolism of superheroes, growing up, and gross public bathrooms. 

Episode 5: Nowhere (1997)

Nowhere, the final installment in Gregg Araki’s Teenage Apocalypse trilogy, provides the perfect framework for a conversation about the rise of teen media in the 90s, valley girl linguistics, Baudrillard’s simulacra and hyperreality, and the rich vitality of queer coming-of-age cinema. Plus, Bonnie divulges some personal inspirations from Araki’s filmmaking philosophy. 

Episode 2: Armageddon (1998)

Whether you love it or hate it, Armageddon evokes strong opinions. Join us as we talk about this Michael Bay classic, and discuss the mass appeal of disaster movies, the history of NASA, toxic masculinity, and how this mess got into the coveted Criterion Collection.