A Short History of Check Your Threading

Bonnie and I have been friends for more than 10 years, and we lived together for more than seven – and in that time, by my estimate, we’ve probably watched 800 movies together. As storytellers, movies have given us worlds to dissect, characters to study and adore, loathe and mourn for, and a panorama of shared experiences.

After we moved apart, movies became a way for us to stay together – a few hours on the phone, watching a movie together, sharing some laughs, going silent as we cried. Bonnie majored in Moving Image Arts and Creative Writing; I studied Creative Writing and Psychology… whether we’re together or apart, we’re consuming stories, and learning about the way they affect us. (We read a lot, too, in case you’re curious.) When Bonnie had the idea that we start putting some of our conversations, and thoughts, into a podcast, I thought – why not? Why not increase the conversation around film? More than anything else, being in a community of people who think critically about the entertainment they love and hate is something we enjoy.

Film is for everyone. There is no movie that is too sophisticated or obscure to be enjoyed by every person on the planet (Or, if not enjoyed, then studied, because I’m not convinced that every movie can be enjoyed.) While Bonnie represents a background in more traditional film studies, I often find myself standing in for the “target audience” point of view. We hope you, wherever you fall into that spectrum – a delighted audience member, a film theorist, or somewhere in between – will join us in our conversations.

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